Amenities Agreement

  • Please list all members of your household in the designated boxes.
  • I have received and read this Regent Park Community Owner's Association Amenity and Bamborough Dr. Gate Agreement (the "Agreement") and the following Regent Park Community Owner's Association documents:

    1. 1. Regent Park Pool Rules
    2. 2. SC DHEC Rules
    3. 3. Tennis Court Rules
    4. 4. Access Card Rules
    5. 5. Waiver and Release

    I acknowledge that I understand the contents of these documents. I agree that this Agreement and The Rules shall be applicable to myself, all member/residents of my household, all tenants of my property, and any and all guests or invitees (hereinafter referred to collectively as "Member" or "Members", as the context requires).

    Member should type his/her name into the box as signature, hereby agreeing to the terms of this Agreement and the Rules.

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