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Community Updates

We had our July board meeting, and decided we wanted to informally update you on a few things.  So here are a few summer updates in no particular order:

1) The board is commissioning a parking study that will start in August (after schools are back in session). A majority of complaints that we get in this neighborhood are about traffic, speeding, and parking on the streets, and we want a professional opinion as to how to address the problems. More to come as that progresses.

2) The front entrance is done. As John Adams commented on another post, the side by Carmellas says “The Haven At Regent Park“ to reflect the substantial contribution we received from the Haven to fund the signage project.

3) The Heritage entrance is progressing nicely. After the sign is fully installed, landscaping will be next.

4) After the back entrance is done, our plan is to address a few subdivision signs – probably starting with Sunningdale and Keswick.

5) You have recently received OR will soon receive a postcard from the Board on key websites and numbers. It was originally designed for new residents but we decided to provide one for every neighbor. Please refer to it when you need key contacts for the neighborhood.

6) We read every one of the comments on Facebook and emails, and many of you are not happy with the pool service. We agree and are addressing with the pool company. After this pool season, we will assess further. If you have specific complaints, pictures sent to is still the best way to get our attention.

Thanks as always to Stephanie Couch, Rob Henson, Wanda Woodley, John Adams and Susan Cannon.

Considering Changes??
Please remember to consult the ARB Guidelines prior to making any changes to your home, including your landscaping.  Many changes you may want to make require ARB approval prior to making the change.  The guidelines are located on our website under the General Information tab.

The board is always looking for volunteers.  If you have a specific area you are passionate about or have a specific talent that you feel would serve our community and would like to volunteer your time please send an email to and let us know how you would like to volunteer!

We have received many comments and complaints regarding parking throughout our community.  The Regent Park Covenants state that parking is permitted in designated parking areas only, i.e. garages, driveways and striped parking areas.  While we know street parking is sometimes necessary, we need to be respectful of our neighbors and ensure that school buses and emergency vehicles can get through in cases of emergency.  If you need to park on the street, please do so in front of your own residence when possible and be mindful of traffic flow.  Parking on the grass, whether in common areas or your own lawn, is not permitted at all.  Please help us by following these common sense reminders to ensure the safety of all our residents.  Kindly direct any concerns you have about illegal parking to William Douglas Property Management, 704-347-8900